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Selfie Sticks Banned

Sorry selfie and tennis fans, you’re going to have to go without your Selfie Stick when talking pictures of yourselves eating your strawberries and cream at Wimbledon this year.

The Wimbledon Tennis Championship organisers have warned anyone attending the upcoming event that under no circumstances will Selfie Sticks be allowed into the grounds.  There seems to be a developing trend as many museums and sports grounds alike have begun to ban the use of the popular photo taking accessory.

AccessoLife Selfie

The All England Lawn Tennis Club ticket holders’ guide said: “In common with many other major sports and entertainment events and cultural attractions, the championships will not allow selfie sticks into the grounds.”

The move is being made primarily so it doesn’t interfere with spectators enjoyment of the event but also “nuisance factor” associated with the accessory itself. Come on guys, where is all the love gone for the once mighty Selfie Stick?

AccessoLife Selfie

English football club Tottenham Hotspur have banned the accessory from their football ground following a complaint from a fan. Popular global tourist attractions such as Palace of Versailles in Paris, the Colosseum in Rome and The Smithsonian Museum Group in the USA have also made the decision to ban Selfie Sticks. Many venues are now placing Selfie Sticks into the ‘Tripod’ category which have been banned for quite some time.

AccessoLife Selfie

Apologies Selfie lovers, you’re going to have to use the normal length of your arms to take your beloved self portraits. #FirstWorldProblems. It could always be worse…you could be this guy

AccessoLife Selfie


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