AccessoTech Augmented Reality Mini Glasses

Mini Produce New Augmented Reality Glasses

Car manufacturer Mini has produced a set of augmented reality glasses which will give the user a HUD (Head Up Display)! They will be able to provide an overlay of information into the users line of sight without actually distracting them from the road. Mini have designed them to vastly improve the users driving experience. Just take our money already!

As we mentioned, the glasses will provide a huge amount of information to the user right in their line of sight. From seeing the level of fuel you have to the speed you are travelling, right down to the precise location with all be placed on a easy to use Head Up Display.

 AccessoTech+Augmented+Reality+Mini+Glasses (1)

It has many uses both in and out of the car.

Inside the vehicle the most notable use is the GPS and linking that to one’s HUD. It would allow the coloured lines and directions that are normally seen on a small GPS device screen, to appear in the users eyewear. The driver can see the direction lines appear in front of them! Effectively your own personal road signs will appear in your view.

Have you ever had to strain yourself or your neck to see behind you as you reverse? Well these new reality glasses have Augmented Parking which allows the user to see through the cars far-side mirror to avoid straining themselves when reversing. So handy! And really cool.

AccessoTech Augmented Reality Mini Glasses

Do you listen to music from your smartphone in your car and would like to read text messages if it weren’t for the road safety dangers? When Mini’s Augmented Reality Glasses solve those problems too. Text messages will appear in you view of the glasses except in a way that does no distract from the road like the traditional phone gazing would do. Also information on the music being played at the time can be chosen to appear and disappear in the glasses eye view.

They have many uses in the car but also outside of the car as well. Ever parked you’re car and gone off for the day but upon return you forget where exactly you left it. Well good news because the Mini Reality Glasses have a feature called First Mile/Last Mile. This will lead the user back to the exact point where the glasses left the car i.e. where the user parked. You’ll never lose your vehicle in the multi-storey car park again!

AccessoTech Augmented Reality Mini Glasses

Want to find you friends house? Or the location of a particular appointment you have. The glasses HUD will lead you to the doorstep! Just remember to take them off. Or else you might scare your friend or doctor and that would not end well.

Everyone is getting excited about this new development in eye wear technology. However they are just a concept right at this moment but they will be on display at the Shanghai Motor Show next week.

AccessoTech Augmented Reality Mini Glasses

Right now it is a really cool idea. But that’s it. If Mini ever expect to sell a pair of these glasses then they are going to have to vastly improve the look of them. The devices functionality is fantastic and can only lead to better things such as beaming a similar display to the windscreen. However to put it bluntly, they’re hideously stupid looking when worn by someone. And no customer wants to be laughed at even if the glasses do something really cool. Once a sleeker, more inviting look is created and mass produced it could spell a fortune for Mini and we would definitely buy them.


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