285 Hours Creating Just One Part of The iWatch?! Madness!

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We all know that Apple is a company that pays attention to the finer exquisite details of their products. It’s what sets them aside from their competition more often than not. But wow, they really took extreme measures when it comes to a very simple part of the new iWatch device being launch shortly.

Apple reportedly spent over 285 hours taking still images of a single flower while it was blooming in order to provide consumers with a different angle or stage of the flower every time they raise their wrists. Photographers working with the design team, astonishingly took over 24,000 shots of the flower!iWatch - AccessoTech

That is just the effort involved in creating the ‘Flower face‘ for the iWatch. There are examples of other faces for the Apple iWatch according to human interface chief Alan Dye. There is also the ‘Jellyfish face‘ which involved building a fish tank and shooting them at 300fps on super-expensive Phantom cameras, leading to 4096 x 2304 images! Then we have the iconic ‘Mickey Mouse face‘ which taps it’s toe once per second in perfect harmony with every other ‘Mickey Mouse face‘ iWatch around the globe.

iWatch - AccessoTech

That is an unbelievable level of detail considering these huge, high resolution images are going to be shrunk down to fit on the screen of the iWatch device! It would be fair to say it is a level of detail that will never be truly admired by consumers and users. The funny thing is Apple could have just used CGI (Computer Generated Images) with the exact same end result and in a small fraction of the time. But that is simply not what Apple do. They got where they are today because of the attention to every single last detailed pixel. Some brands and companies say that they pay attention to the little details and they may do, just not to the scale and level that Apple does.

AccessoTech would just like to point out that this is a fantastic marketing tool and unique selling point when it comes to promoting the product. Good effort Apple! However, it probably would have been better for Apple to use the quicker, CGI route and using their time more effectively on things that consumers and end users actually care about…..like battery power and making sure the iWatch actually lasts the entire day!

Wouldn’t that be better Apple?

iWatch - AccessoTech


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