Want An X-Ray Vision App? Don’t Lie, Of Course You Do

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Just your typical day. You get up, have your breakfast, get changed and head off to your local super car Ferrari showroom….

Then you encounter the awful problem that many of us face. Which colour super car will I buy today? I know, serious first world problems. Well if you are ever in this situation or like to dream about this situation, there is good news for you. There is now a new app that is here to help you with your dilemma.

App Technology

A fantastic company named Metaio, which specialise in augmented reality technologies, are the creators behind the technology on which the app is based. This new app, which sounds really awesome to us, uses a 3D tracking technology that has “7 Feature Spotlights” that customers can select. But get this… it has an X-Ray view!! That is just one view out of the seven spotlights it offers. Others include features that allow customers to get a visualization of the vehicle in a wind tunnel and a 3D breakdown of the brake assembly.

Metaio’s technology tracks the edges of the car and detects it in the Apps API. When the device, whether it be a phone or tablet, is pointed at a Ferrari it picks up distance between body panels, the chassis, the wheel arches and other sections and then overlays the visualization graphics. Once held steady, the device and app can change numerous aspects of the cars look in seconds.

The New Ferrari App

Ferrari, app developer Z-Space and technology creator Metaio have teamed up to create a new app called Ferrari AR Showroom app. It allows customers in a Ferrari showroom to hold a tablet in front of the vehicle of their choice (or dreams) and then virtually change any piece of spec on the car. From the paint job to the rims to the custom specifications, a customer can change anything they wish with ease, providing a visualization of what their purchase would look like and making their purchase decisions much handier. It also helps the showroom dealership who doesn’t have to order in and hold each part that prospective customers may want. What you’d expect from a super car dealer; efficiency.

Past Use of The Technology

This apps use of Edge Tracking Technology has been used in the past. Back in 2013 Metaio worked with German car manufacturer Volkswagen to create the augmented reality software needed to provide them the technical information about their hybrid concept XL1 car in real-time. It could visualize real and virtual parts side-by-side!

Metaio -

The Future

The new app work with 5 Ferrari models right now but has the capacity to be used on the manufacturers full range of vehicles. Just in the off chance you want to know which models are compatible with the app right now, they are the 458 Speciale and Spider, the FF, the California, and the F12berlinetta. It will appear in Japanese and Australian showrooms first and will make its US customer debut in mid-May at the much anticipated InsideAR augmented reality show.

In the coming decade we expect augmented reality apps such as this one to be even more common place in society.


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