iPhone 7 Could Be the Best Camera Yet

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Apple is on their way to upping their game yet again. The iPhone manufacturer has acquired a new camera company based out of Israel that could bring DSLR-Level imaging to customers. It could result in sheer magnificence for the iPhone 7…when it reaches us.

The company that has been acquired by Apple is called LinX Computational Imaging. They create smartphone and tablet cameras that have the ability to use special sensors to create high resolution images. The algorithms used by LinX are able to match DSLR cameras in much smaller packages!

iPhone 6 Review

Apple has been investing quite heavily in Israel the past few years resulting in increased hiring campaigns and multiple company acquisitions, a list that now includes LinX. The Wall Street Journal and other others have reported Israel as Apple’s second biggest Research & Development hub with up to 750 employees based there.

No official figures have been released by either LinX or Apple but the WSJ are estimating the number to stand at around $20 million. Don’t take that as gospel though.


With the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus only being released back in November 2014 and Apple focusing on sales of the new Apple Watch product, it may be a while before the iPhone 7 reaches the market. But when it does, there is quite a good chance we will see DSLR cameras and high res images listed on the list of upgraded specifications. If Apple keep to their usual annual update we will more than likely see an iPhone 6S or 7 released in November this year.

AccessoTech’s fingers are well and truly crossed! Let’s hope battery life is improved too…


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