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Google Want To Rid The World Of Spoilers! Finally!

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I don’t know about you but nothing ruins my day more than logging onto social media and seeing a spoiler of some kind! It happens to all of us, we pop on to Facebook or Twitter and there, right at the top of your news feed is a massive spoiler from your favourite TV show or a film you haven’t seen yet. If this hasn’t happened to you before, well then you must be the luckiest person alive and we mere mortals envy you.

Well Google have apparently devised a clever solution to this spoiler epidemic. The Search Engine Masterminds have created a patent on this new solution. They want to implement a plan to monitor all social networks or similar sites for any sign of spoilers. Then they will blur out those spoilers! Fantastic, right?

The Walking Dead - AccessoTech

This technology will allow Google to track what TV shows you talk about, track what you watch and what exact point you are up to in any particular series. It can then hide anything past that point from your view. Quartz have suggested something akin to Netflix or Spotify in the way that they track your exact progress on a series or song down to the minutes and seconds. Using this approach, Google would be able to understand your friend group and stop spoilers.

Yes, it would be easier for all if we could trust our friends and favourite sites not to ruin the season finale of Game of Thrones or a major character death in The Walking Dead. Unfortunately we can’t. So Google will now save us instead!

Game-of-Thrones - AccessoTech

All we can say is…Thank You Google! We will no longer have to avoid our social media news feeds like the plague for an entire day because of the fear of spoilers destroying our lives. Okay, yes that was a bit dramatic for some. But for those who have had their days, months or even years ruined by spoilers that was probably an accurate description of how you felt. The look on your face might have looked a little something like this…

Game of Thrones - AccessoTech


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