New Home Screen Channel for Xbox One Users

Microsoft has just launched it’s April Update for their Xbox One platform and is showing users exactly whats going on through a new home screen channel. The update adds a new way for Microsoft to tell it’s gaming fans exactly what there is available to play, buy or watch.

Xbox One April Update - AccessoTech

Effectively the update adds a new tab to your existing home screen. Through this tab it recommends games, game broadcasts, videos, movies, TV shows, game clips, and also trending TV shows.

This is a useful little tab and is worth updating now in order to get it. Also the most helpful addition this month relates to a users achievements – the notification that pops up will now tell you the achievement’s description in addition to its name, so you won’t have to open or snap a separate app to find out what you did right. It’s something many users have complained about in forums in the past. Our hats off to Microsoft, they are listening!

The new “Whats On” Channel is going to be positioned between your existing “Friends” tab and your “Store” tab. The April Update began rolling out across its platform on Monday 6th April and is available for users right now.

Xbox One April Update - AccessoTech


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