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The Gloves Are Off! Apple & Samsung Battling Again

In case you have been under a rock lately, you may have heard that Samsung are releasing their new Galaxy S6 range of smartphones today. Some experts are calling the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge the best phone in the world right now, stating that these new releases will set a new sales record.


Be under no illusions here, demand is going to be astonishing especially when it comes to the S6 Edge model with features a screen that stretches down both sides of the device. Analysts are making early predictions based on pre-order numbers that shipments of Samsung’s newest devices could reach up to 57 million this year alone! Demand for the Edge is actually expected to exceed supply as the Korean tech-giant are struggling to manufacture enough flexible screens.

Although the S6 Edge has an extremely cool feature, the standard edition S6 with a traditional flat screen is expected to be just as popular with consumers due to its sharp sleek look and it’s lower price.

Samsung shares have rallied in the previous days as optimism continues to grow with investors. Consumer markets have reacted well to the new design of the S6 product range as well as the fact that Samsung are now using their own processor and chips. Manufacturing your own components increases profit margins and that can only delight investors.

All of this means Samsung are having a resurgence against Apple in the market.

Apple vs Samsung - AccessoTech

They have a created a metal bodied device with a 5.1 inch screen placing themselves right in between Apple’s iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. It’s a size that is deemed by consumers and focus groups and a comfortable size and natural fit to a persons hand. An analyst at BS Securities Co. in Seoul has said that “Samsung has stuffed in all the most advanced components, from processors to memory chips, made by itself in the S6, and that can bring a huge ripple effect across its businesses”.

Apple vs Samsung - AccessoTech

So far they have done a great job of recovering from the mis-launch of the S5 device in 2014 when they slipped to No.2 smartphone vendor in the world. With the S6 range, Samsung have come out swinging and are looking to regain their position as the world’s clear No.1 smartphone vendor by volume. The battle for supremacy is well and truly back!

Apple vs Samsung - AccessoTech


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